• Ahmad Aljariri

    ( C.E.O ) Chief Executive Officer

    Head Office

  • Mohammad Al Jariri

    Chief Financial Officer and Director Of Operations And Asst.for C.E.O

    Head Office

  • Marwan Al Marri

    Director Operations

    Corporate Office

  • Evandro Oliveira

    Chief Operating Officer

    Head Office

  • Maicon Ferrari

    Director Of International Business

    Head Office

  • Wanderley  Gady

    Director Of Operation For Latin America Commercial Attache

  • Thiago Ferro

    Director Of Company Affair in Brazil

  • Shehab Bin Nouri

    Director of Government Relations

  • Rashid Khan

    Business Development Director

    Corporate Office

  • Seema Singh

    Director of Business Development

    Corporate Office

  • Robert Dokowicz

    Manager of IT Department

Business Partner

  • Fabio Rossi


  • Guilherme Lochoski


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